Smart Cabinets

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Secure Your Hard Drives with Asset Vue’s RFID Tracking Capabilities

When it comes to securing and tracking your offline hard drives, you need a simple solution that keeps your assets safe without complicating your inventory management software.

Asset Vue’s Smart Cabinet combines secured storage for decommissioned hard drives with an innovative RFID-enabled solution that will read your assets, even within metal enclosures.

The Smart Cabinet is a customizable multi-drawer, heavy-duty metal cabinet with protective foam padding to prevent impact damage.

Smart Cabinet offers you
peace-of-mind storage. 

Real-Time RFID-enabled tracking — even within metal containers
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Smart Cabinet includes Asset Vue’s innovative RFID-enabled technology that scans within metal containers so you can locate your stored disk drives in real-time, anytime.

Why Smart Cabinet Is Your Best Choice for Disk Drive Storage 

Why Smart Cabinet Is Your Best Choice for
Disk Drive Storage 

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  • Eliminate loss of equipment and down time
  • Full audit trail
  • Always know where your assets are

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