Real-Time IT Asset Inventory Management System

Asset Vue Inventory provides real-time visibility for any size data center

The pain of manual IT inventory audits is magnified by the fact that, despite best efforts, manual audits will never be completely accurate. Counting the number of assets in a system and recording their status and location at that moment is simply not useful two months, two weeks, or even two hours later.

Asset Vue Inventory tracks IT assets in real-time, allowing IT and data center managers, with just a few clicks, to check status information and location of any tagged asset in the system. 

As a web-based application, Asset Vue Inventory can deploy in a new environment quickly, can scale up on demand, and is cloud-based, requiring no ongoing hosting management or monitoring from your team. Any size IT department or data center can use Asset Vue Inventory to get a better accounting of the assets in a specific room, building, and across any multi-location organization. 

Better IT asset management without audits with Asset Vue Inventory

This IT asset management system is based on a parent-child relationship with graphical representations of your assets in both top-down and elevation formats. It includes both fixed and handheld data capture with read ranges from inches to feet to make locating IT assets fast and accurate. 

The Asset Vue Inventory system is compatible with whatever tracking hardware your organization needs:

  • Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Barcode
  • RFID

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