Real-Time Asset Tracking System for Every Room

Global organizations and large data centers need to track IT assets across a lot of real estate. There is no reliable manual way to be sure of the location of a specific asset at any given moment when you are talking about mult-national corporations. But with Asset Vue’s Real-Time Location functionality, that is exactly what you get.

Using both fixed and handheld readers, Asset Vue Real-Time Location functionality can pinpoint any tagged IT asset down to the rack or room level - on demand. Whenever you need to know where a specific server or laptop is, Real-Time Location can serve up that information with just a few clicks.

Real-Time Location from Asset Vue is:

  • A cloud-based application is hosted offsite and requires none of your teams’ resources to manage
  • Fast and simple to deployable and scale for any size organization
  • Compatible with a wide range of tracking hardware including RFID, Bluetooth, and barcode systems
  • Easily integrated with almost any third-party software, including those developed in-house by your teams

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