Dedicated Asset Management Tracking Tools

Keep your IT assets where they belong with Asset Vue Tracker

There are real and very high costs associated with missing or lost assets. The time IT teams spend tracking down assets is costly. Rest easy knowing what you have and where it is at all times with Asset Vue Inventory SuiteTracker.

Any size IT department or data center can get up and running on Asset Vue functionality in hours and days, not weeks or months, and the system is compatible with most DCIM applications, third-party software, and can easily integrate with any other system your team uses.

Better still, Asset Vue Tracker, like all Asset Vue products, can be adapted to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Asset Vue Tracker

Out of the box, Asset Vue Tracker includes: 

  • Web-based interface for fast deployment and easy management
  • Push alerts to SNMP manager and SNMP triggers
  • E-mail alerts to any user or distribution list
  • Trigger/silence any external device (such as a stack light, siren or camera)
  • Real-time asset tracking in and out of your space
  • Works with nearly any IT Asset: server, switch, backup tape, laptop, etc.

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